What happen to OUR EARTH ?!

Another 7.0M quake hits Maynmar and border of Thailand yesterday. The frequent of earthquake in recent years bring anxiety to human. When is the earthquake will hit my place, when the tsunami will flood my home? All this may happen on you, as last as you are staying on the earth!

Even the scientist who alway calm people by giving some fact that sound quite reasonable to explain the phenomena and how all this natural disaster would happen also can’t tell what will exactly happen next in your area.

Do you still think that this is a warning from earth?! NO, this is not a warning anymore! Is a punishment of natural to human! Human are kind of idiot, ne’er treasure what they have, but keep destroying, including me.

Now is the time for us to give our LOVE. Lets love everthibg around you, family, friends, tree, air, water, hater… everthings. This is the only way to cure our earth, let apply the law of attraction by , let our love to attract what we want.