week 13

Yes, just keep writing.

Next week will be the last lecture week for my semester 7. There are always tonnes of assignments, projects, presentation to be rush and completed in the end of each semester (consequent of last minute habits). Beside of these course works, I am now deciding whether or not to join the working and travel USA summer program next year. It may cost about 10K RM for the initial fees. And, i still have no opportunity to discuss with family (my sponsor), I know there must be a lots of disagreement voices from them especially my mom, but i really hope that i can have the chance to do this it before i start my career. And, one of my friend who planned to go with told me he may not make it because of the clashing of his course internship which start in July next year. I doubt that is it I can travel alone to USA for about 3-4 months? though I am quite independent person since secondary school age. But don’t know why, seem like lots to be worried and settled. But I understand that worrying and troubling are part of life, no one can skip of them.¬†Anyway, live everyday as if it was your last.