Read some blogs of one friend of mine which she had private it initially but published it again this few days. Her blogs were impressed me though most of her blogs are talking about her bf and new career. But i never know she is the kind of so expressive.

Finished all the lecture class for semester 7 and my final year project was scheduled on this coming Wednesday. A 10 minutes of presentation time would be given, but the slides i prepared is more than that. 10 minutes wasn’t enough. I was trying to simplify all the things to be deliver in 10 minutes. Hope every thing will be goes smooth on the presentation day.

Yesterday is Christmas, but it never be my day.

2 weeks to go. Then will start to plan my Penang- Bangkok- Siem Reap-Phnom Penh= KL trip. excited !


Final Year Project-topic selection

Suffering to choose the final year project title. Choose eight title out of hundred is so difficult to me. Coursemate tole me, choose the topic base on the supervisor, since 70% of the result will be evaluate by the supervisor and 30% of the panels, so supervisor is very important factt to be considered while choosing the topic.

Honestly, non of the title proposed by the lecturer is what I want and expect to do for my FYP. But, I don’t have any idea to proposed any topic or interested title to the lecturer as my FYP title. Any how, I will choose the title that proposed by the lecturer. But the problem is, should I choose the one I am a little bit interested, or choose the one that the supervisor is very kind and may not give many trouble to the student and may be will give high mark easily. Should I choose to get high mark easily or choose to learn more and gain knowledge may be ?!?
But I know I never allow myself to have easy work.