Youtube Symphony Orchestra in Sydney Opera House

I believe this is the very 1st time of live broadcast of symphony orchestra concert in online and definitely in Youtube. The YSO abbreviation of Youtube Symphoy Orchestra perform live in the Sydney Opera House, and people can view the live broadcast from Sydney in Youtube. All the performer were selected from the audition video which they uploaded to Youtube in the previous year. They come form 33 countries, but the power of music gathered them in YSO.

The streaming is amazing, i can even load quite smoothly by accessing to my college super slow internet, and the resolution is quite high and clear. Youtube did a good job and amazed most of the people which can see in the conversation box. The conversation box keep refreshing over time to time, since more than a thousand of people are watching the broadcasting in Youtube. And of course, a donation link located beside the conversation box, which urge people to give their support to the Japanese which affected by the devastation of earthquake, tsunami and also the nuclear leak crisis.

The performance is awesome, even watch it live in Youtube, but still can feel how grand is the Orchestra. The concert consist of multi-element, even the Chinese Orchestra instrument Gu Zheng also take part in the performance, besides that, the electronic instrument, music also get involve in the concert. Among the pieces, only ” Fire Bird” i familiar with, the French Horn solo is so touching, it remind me the time when i was still playing in band. Music is so powerful, but not everyone know about it, especially for those who like to make noise.


Double size of moon = SUPERMoon?

A very bright and shine full moon went across the dark night yesterday. Unfortunately, the moon was hide behind the dark cloulds most of the time! The moon was brighter than usual, but the size doesn’t seem any different as what I expected.

What is actually the SUPERMoon defined for?! The moon comes closer toward the earth?! Is it related to the natural disaster in the earth such as earthquake or tsunami as what was happened in the previous cases?!