Pratical training

Second last week of my deadly practical training. Can’t last for even one more day here! Its was very boring and vapidity! Stressed by forcing to ask question! Unconvinceable. Live deadly every Monday to Saturday, 8-5. Can’t find any fun here. Any how, do learn somethings new and experience different work environment or cultural that might useful in my future career. At least I very clear where should I go or where I shouldn’t got after my graduation from degree.


Malacca trip 2011, April

After five years since my sister first enter her college, I’ve visited to Malacca again last weekend. Two days trip were relaxable and enjoyable. Tasted the layer cake at Nadeje Cafe which only available in Malacca. And accidentally ordered a huat kuih which attracted by it’s thick creamy on the top. Though this is not the first time I eat the Satay Celup, but the taste of this time is quite differ as what in my memories. Satay Celup is a must in Melacca, there are few famous restaurant which only serve for satay celup in Malacca and it is crowded with people, tourist and the queue is so so long. But the bad things is, there is no air-cond provided in the restourant, the hot air is just move within the space. As know that Malacca is the historical town, so for sure, we visited to the red house, church for photo shooting. Besides, we also had a walk in the jonker street, something like china town which having many small stall selling hand made key chain, drawing, and some other small toys and souvenir. And there have also stall selling snack and drinks. The most excitement things is we get a very super cheap price of D24 and D88 durian. A really very big thanks to Wui bin and his friend!!! It was a very long time I dint eat durian already, the durian is tasty!!!
Staying 2 night in Malacca is quite nice and more than enough, no rushing and bored moment for the whole trip. It was fun to have a trip like this with friends. Fun chatting, talking and playing !!! And thanks to birdie as free driver for the whole trip and make many fun about your driving skill, Wui bin for provide free accommodation and nice informative talk, and also cat for…eeee… Upload the photo in fb… Hahahaha..


Final Year Project-topic selection

Suffering to choose the final year project title. Choose eight title out of hundred is so difficult to me. Coursemate tole me, choose the topic base on the supervisor, since 70% of the result will be evaluate by the supervisor and 30% of the panels, so supervisor is very important factt to be considered while choosing the topic.

Honestly, non of the title proposed by the lecturer is what I want and expect to do for my FYP. But, I don’t have any idea to proposed any topic or interested title to the lecturer as my FYP title. Any how, I will choose the title that proposed by the lecturer. But the problem is, should I choose the one I am a little bit interested, or choose the one that the supervisor is very kind and may not give many trouble to the student and may be will give high mark easily. Should I choose to get high mark easily or choose to learn more and gain knowledge may be ?!?
But I know I never allow myself to have easy work.

Week 14

when I get into university hostel’s life since my 1st year degree, i can’t get used to it until now. Don’t have any privacy for even one minute. Stay with 4 people, 8 people and 5 people isn’t that easy as what u can think.

Third year of degree is my hardest time in university. Neither the final year project matter nor internship, but my result drop drastically. I can’t concentrate in my study as what I thought I can do it in any situation or environment. But, when the things come, I failed to do it.

Feel like wanna back home as soon as posible, escape from this hell. I’m feeling empty and lost. But I don’t know what is lacking of and where I was lost in. Sometime I do really think to stop my degree course and escape from everthing here, but dont think its worth because of this stupid environment. And somemore I don’t have gut to do this! Just wish to graduate safely with high honor of result. Bless me pls.

What happen to OUR EARTH ?!

Another 7.0M quake hits Maynmar and border of Thailand yesterday. The frequent of earthquake in recent years bring anxiety to human. When is the earthquake will hit my place, when the tsunami will flood my home? All this may happen on you, as last as you are staying on the earth!

Even the scientist who alway calm people by giving some fact that sound quite reasonable to explain the phenomena and how all this natural disaster would happen also can’t tell what will exactly happen next in your area.

Do you still think that this is a warning from earth?! NO, this is not a warning anymore! Is a punishment of natural to human! Human are kind of idiot, ne’er treasure what they have, but keep destroying, including me.

Now is the time for us to give our LOVE. Lets love everthibg around you, family, friends, tree, air, water, hater… everthings. This is the only way to cure our earth, let apply the law of attraction by , let our love to attract what we want.

Plagiarism and COPY PASTE habit in UMP

In order to survive in this small community, you couldn’t reject others or your so-called friends, when they are asking for a copy of your work or report.

Yes, i did borrow others’ work as a references before, but i never ever copy and paste others work and pretend that is mine.

You may not imagine how was this COPY PASTE habit prevails in UMP. No body guilty about it. Everyone is finding way for easy life and job, because No one will appreciate your effort in UMP. And, they may get the same marks, or even higher than those who were putting effort on the work.
I am sick with all these stupid doing which always happened on me in UMP. If you are a boss, Please NEVER EVER hire a COPY PASTE student from UMP. They are totally suck !

Monday Blues

People likes to say “Monday Blue, Monday Blue”, but what is actually the blue Monday defined for? what is the meaning of BLUE? Why is blue Monday but not yellow, red or green?
From what i get from internet, blue always meaning the melancholy pertaining to mood, situation and feeling.

In most of the city, Monday is the 1st day of working after an exhilarating weekend. Monday, people have to back to work, student needs back to school, and everyone needs to attend the viscous workload. Oh god, Monday is definitely BLUE.

However, we can also define Monday Blue in a positive and spiritual way. Blue present natural, relax, stress-less, new start. Monday is a brand new day, new start, forget about the sadness, hurts, failure, and all the badness. Oh my lady GaGa, Monday is so BLUE!