week 13

Yes, just keep writing.

Next week will be the last lecture week for my semester 7. There are always tonnes of assignments, projects, presentation to be rush and completed in the end of each semester (consequent of last minute habits). Beside of these course works, I am now deciding whether or not to join the working and travel USA summer program next year. It may cost about 10K RM for the initial fees. And, i still have no opportunity to discuss with family (my sponsor), I know there must be a lots of disagreement voices from them especially my mom, but i really hope that i can have the chance to do this it before i start my career. And, one of my friend who planned to go with told me he may not make it because of the clashing of his course internship which start in July next year. I doubt that is it I can travel alone to USA for about 3-4 months? though I am quite independent person since secondary school age. But don’t know why, seem like lots to be worried and settled. But I understand that worrying and troubling are part of life, no one can skip of them. Anyway, live everyday as if it was your last.


Final Year Project- week 12

-week 12-2011

Just for your information, my final year project title is “Atmospheric Corrosion”. And, my supervisor is a female lecture that taught me Industrial Engineering subject in previous semester.

So here we go a briefly description about my project: I carry out a study and experiment on the indoor and outdoor atmospheric corrosion on a low carbon steel over the time of exposure for up to 28 days in a marine environment which is in my campus. However, the carbon steel used will be heat treated and water quenching to enhance their strength before the exposure, in which the earlier scope of my project was proposed study on High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLA), but due to some problems such as the price of the material, so I was forced to change my material to carbon steel which is cheaper and easier available in lab. Although the topic seem very simple and easy, but many things are needed to be done. First is the exposure rack, then is the sample preparation include heat treatment, cleaning and so on. Next, i need to starts an analysis of the specimens before exposure. After that, the specimens will exposure to the atmosphere, then after exposure, i need to do the cleaning again and analysis on the corrosion rate and their micro structure. And lastly, i need to come out with a good report.

At the moment, the progress seem OK, at least others are thinking my progress are on the track. However, i just felt what i had done was just so incomplete. And i was in tension of this unsettled things from the mid of the semester until now. Although I’m not used to doing thing with a proper planning or schedule, because I’m quite a spontaneous guy :P. But when come to this serious thing (at least for me), it just make me crazy and mad of “don’t know what to do”. NO planning, have no ideas how to get there. And I’m having some little interaction problem with my supervisor, but she is a quite easy going and nice person. I tired to be friend with her as what others did, but I’m very sorry, because i failed. But I very appreciate her for all the guidance and suggestion, though i know i look like a freak for every supervision time. Ha.Ha.

Anyway, I do really treat this project as a very serious things since the first day I start my degree. But now, don’t know, I’m not sure how it will be, I will try to enjoy the moment i carry out all this things, and learn somethings beside of the project related knowledge. Now is already week 12, and my first project presentation will on the week 15 or may be week 14. All the things I want to settle is, get may specimens, and fabrication of the exposure rack and also my presentation preparation. And the most important things is RELAX (though i hate people ask me to “relax, mong !” grrrr~~~)

Pratical training

Second last week of my deadly practical training. Can’t last for even one more day here! Its was very boring and vapidity! Stressed by forcing to ask question! Unconvinceable. Live deadly every Monday to Saturday, 8-5. Can’t find any fun here. Any how, do learn somethings new and experience different work environment or cultural that might useful in my future career. At least I very clear where should I go or where I shouldn’t got after my graduation from degree.

Final Year Project-topic selection

Suffering to choose the final year project title. Choose eight title out of hundred is so difficult to me. Coursemate tole me, choose the topic base on the supervisor, since 70% of the result will be evaluate by the supervisor and 30% of the panels, so supervisor is very important factt to be considered while choosing the topic.

Honestly, non of the title proposed by the lecturer is what I want and expect to do for my FYP. But, I don’t have any idea to proposed any topic or interested title to the lecturer as my FYP title. Any how, I will choose the title that proposed by the lecturer. But the problem is, should I choose the one I am a little bit interested, or choose the one that the supervisor is very kind and may not give many trouble to the student and may be will give high mark easily. Should I choose to get high mark easily or choose to learn more and gain knowledge may be ?!?
But I know I never allow myself to have easy work.

Week 14

when I get into university hostel’s life since my 1st year degree, i can’t get used to it until now. Don’t have any privacy for even one minute. Stay with 4 people, 8 people and 5 people isn’t that easy as what u can think.

Third year of degree is my hardest time in university. Neither the final year project matter nor internship, but my result drop drastically. I can’t concentrate in my study as what I thought I can do it in any situation or environment. But, when the things come, I failed to do it.

Feel like wanna back home as soon as posible, escape from this hell. I’m feeling empty and lost. But I don’t know what is lacking of and where I was lost in. Sometime I do really think to stop my degree course and escape from everthing here, but dont think its worth because of this stupid environment. And somemore I don’t have gut to do this! Just wish to graduate safely with high honor of result. Bless me pls.