3 reasons to travel while you’re young by Jeff

Yesterday, the economy airline, Air Asia started their 10cent promotion, everyone were checking the cheap flight for their travel. I asked few of my friends to check out the flight to Taiwan, before July. Unfortunately, the travel period of this promotion starts from 1st of July.

One of my friend will go Maynmar on July next year, he asked to check the air ticket and join them for the trip. But, I told him I may join the summer program of Working and Holiday,so can’t confirm the schedule on that time yet. When I first knew this kind of program such as working holidays in NZ during my secondary school time, it was became one of my dream, or one of the task I must accomplish in my life. The plan also includes to start a few months backpacking to Europe after the program. And i always says, must done before 30. However, when the thing comes nearer, you will start to doubt is this worth to do it? Then plenty of consideration and excuses will come out to against the dream. And i believe this is normal, because I responsible to my life. Ok, back to the conversation with my friend. I told him,I’m still not sure to join the program or not, still thinking. I just have no confident to tell others that” Yes, i definitely will go to the program”.

Later just now, my friend share me a blog titled ” 3 reason to travel while you’re young”. I read it twice. And what the writer said were so true. At least i know they were true. But some kind of weird feeling appeared. I afraid. I afraid to admit what i actually want to do. I afraid to tell other what i actually want to. I afraid fail to do it. I afraid regret if I missed it. I just cant stop the feeling.

Then, I reply to my friend, i said, travel with full abandon isn’t that easy. I just trying to make excuse for myself again. My friend then reply me that just do what easy for you. After i read his reply, somethings flashed in my mind, because I know how scary of plain. Only either peak or valley will make life colorful.

Here you are the blog of 3 reasons to travel while you’re young by Jeff, http://goinswriter.com/travel-young/


The Kid Travel by The Kid, Ed. Gregory

I am currently planning an overland backpack trip in February, just after chinese new year, to Penang – Bangkok – Siem Reap – Phnom Penh. Because this is the very first backpack trip of mine with one of my friends, so I am very hardworking to do some home work preparation before start the journey. I read through many information from the internet, from couchsurfing, and definitely from others’ travel blog.

I found a nice blog when i do my search of Tonle Sap Lake (Cambodia) in Google. The blog names “The Kid Travels” from Ed Gregory (if not mistaken). You can find out many interesting things on his blog during his traveled to the S.E Asia such as visit prison in Bangkok, get a free tour from Bangkok to Siem Reap, Charity Challenge in Australia, trip to Brunei and so on. Besides, inside the blog, you also can see many nice photos that he took during his journey. I am highly recommend you to have a read of this blog. Here you are the link of the blog : http://thekidtravels.com/ .

Malacca trip 2011, April

After five years since my sister first enter her college, I’ve visited to Malacca again last weekend. Two days trip were relaxable and enjoyable. Tasted the layer cake at Nadeje Cafe which only available in Malacca. And accidentally ordered a huat kuih which attracted by it’s thick creamy on the top. Though this is not the first time I eat the Satay Celup, but the taste of this time is quite differ as what in my memories. Satay Celup is a must in Melacca, there are few famous restaurant which only serve for satay celup in Malacca and it is crowded with people, tourist and the queue is so so long. But the bad things is, there is no air-cond provided in the restourant, the hot air is just move within the space. As know that Malacca is the historical town, so for sure, we visited to the red house, church for photo shooting. Besides, we also had a walk in the jonker street, something like china town which having many small stall selling hand made key chain, drawing, and some other small toys and souvenir. And there have also stall selling snack and drinks. The most excitement things is we get a very super cheap price of D24 and D88 durian. A really very big thanks to Wui bin and his friend!!! It was a very long time I dint eat durian already, the durian is tasty!!!
Staying 2 night in Malacca is quite nice and more than enough, no rushing and bored moment for the whole trip. It was fun to have a trip like this with friends. Fun chatting, talking and playing !!! And thanks to birdie as free driver for the whole trip and make many fun about your driving skill, Wui bin for provide free accommodation and nice informative talk, and also cat for…eeee… Upload the photo in fb… Hahahaha..