Resignation 2.0

Resigned from my position in my current company last two week. That’s isn’t something surprise as what my manager said. Perhaps, this is just in the plan of mine from the first day i join.

This is my second company i worked for after my university. I’m very sure this would definitely not something good when it appear that i’ve work for two different company within 3 years. No loyalty, no patient, no capable. All these negative thought were overwhelmed in the last two week. But there’s one thing i very clear about. I don’t like my job, I dont like the culture, i dont like long working hours for nothing, i dont like life is not balance. I just want to stop and quit regardless how good the career path and prospect the company could provide. May be you will say my decision is not mature, the decision just show you are not capable. So ? searching something i like to do or i comfortable with is something i have to guilt with?

Work Life Balance. This is what i totally lost once i start with the company. 11 hours per day, 6 days per week. I thought it was not a big deal, but unfortunately this is something very big that may affect your life. Finding excuses to quit to comfort myself. But im very sure this is something i want to do. i want to quit and get back my life, a balance life. Im keen to learn, but not in this way.

However, i had made my decision, nothing will be changed. Look forward is the only way i could go. Live my life.


Hand Percussion Pangkor 2011

Hand Percussion ParadeHand Percussion Parade in EveningHand Percussion ParadeHand Percussion Paradelittle cousin Performance in Hwa Lian 1 Primary School hall
Creative handmade drumPerformer from hand percussionPerformer from hand percussion

Hand Percussion Pangkor 2011, a set on Flickr.

Hand Percussion Malaysia “balik kampung tour” (back to the town tour) pangkor island station on 8th novermber 2011. All the primary school students from Hwa Lian Pangkor were involving in this event. A parade was held in the evening for about 10 km. And the event end up with a creative and interesting performance in the hall of Hwa Lian 1.

one of the great event of 2011 in Pangkor Island.


Read some blogs of one friend of mine which she had private it initially but published it again this few days. Her blogs were impressed me though most of her blogs are talking about her bf and new career. But i never know she is the kind of so expressive.

Finished all the lecture class for semester 7 and my final year project was scheduled on this coming Wednesday. A 10 minutes of presentation time would be given, but the slides i prepared is more than that. 10 minutes wasn’t enough. I was trying to simplify all the things to be deliver in 10 minutes. Hope every thing will be goes smooth on the presentation day.

Yesterday is Christmas, but it never be my day.

2 weeks to go. Then will start to plan my Penang- Bangkok- Siem Reap-Phnom Penh= KL trip. excited !

week 13

Yes, just keep writing.

Next week will be the last lecture week for my semester 7. There are always tonnes of assignments, projects, presentation to be rush and completed in the end of each semester (consequent of last minute habits). Beside of these course works, I am now deciding whether or not to join the working and travel USA summer program next year. It may cost about 10K RM for the initial fees. And, i still have no opportunity to discuss with family (my sponsor), I know there must be a lots of disagreement voices from them especially my mom, but i really hope that i can have the chance to do this it before i start my career. And, one of my friend who planned to go with told me he may not make it because of the clashing of his course internship which start in July next year. I doubt that is it I can travel alone to USA for about 3-4 months? though I am quite independent person since secondary school age. But don’t know why, seem like lots to be worried and settled. But I understand that worrying and troubling are part of life, no one can skip of them. Anyway, live everyday as if it was your last.

3 reasons to travel while you’re young by Jeff

Yesterday, the economy airline, Air Asia started their 10cent promotion, everyone were checking the cheap flight for their travel. I asked few of my friends to check out the flight to Taiwan, before July. Unfortunately, the travel period of this promotion starts from 1st of July.

One of my friend will go Maynmar on July next year, he asked to check the air ticket and join them for the trip. But, I told him I may join the summer program of Working and Holiday,so can’t confirm the schedule on that time yet. When I first knew this kind of program such as working holidays in NZ during my secondary school time, it was became one of my dream, or one of the task I must accomplish in my life. The plan also includes to start a few months backpacking to Europe after the program. And i always says, must done before 30. However, when the thing comes nearer, you will start to doubt is this worth to do it? Then plenty of consideration and excuses will come out to against the dream. And i believe this is normal, because I responsible to my life. Ok, back to the conversation with my friend. I told him,I’m still not sure to join the program or not, still thinking. I just have no confident to tell others that” Yes, i definitely will go to the program”.

Later just now, my friend share me a blog titled ” 3 reason to travel while you’re young”. I read it twice. And what the writer said were so true. At least i know they were true. But some kind of weird feeling appeared. I afraid. I afraid to admit what i actually want to do. I afraid to tell other what i actually want to. I afraid fail to do it. I afraid regret if I missed it. I just cant stop the feeling.

Then, I reply to my friend, i said, travel with full abandon isn’t that easy. I just trying to make excuse for myself again. My friend then reply me that just do what easy for you. After i read his reply, somethings flashed in my mind, because I know how scary of plain. Only either peak or valley will make life colorful.

Here you are the blog of 3 reasons to travel while you’re young by Jeff,

The Kid Travel by The Kid, Ed. Gregory

I am currently planning an overland backpack trip in February, just after chinese new year, to Penang – Bangkok – Siem Reap – Phnom Penh. Because this is the very first backpack trip of mine with one of my friends, so I am very hardworking to do some home work preparation before start the journey. I read through many information from the internet, from couchsurfing, and definitely from others’ travel blog.

I found a nice blog when i do my search of Tonle Sap Lake (Cambodia) in Google. The blog names “The Kid Travels” from Ed Gregory (if not mistaken). You can find out many interesting things on his blog during his traveled to the S.E Asia such as visit prison in Bangkok, get a free tour from Bangkok to Siem Reap, Charity Challenge in Australia, trip to Brunei and so on. Besides, inside the blog, you also can see many nice photos that he took during his journey. I am highly recommend you to have a read of this blog. Here you are the link of the blog : .

Final Year Project- week 12

-week 12-2011

Just for your information, my final year project title is “Atmospheric Corrosion”. And, my supervisor is a female lecture that taught me Industrial Engineering subject in previous semester.

So here we go a briefly description about my project: I carry out a study and experiment on the indoor and outdoor atmospheric corrosion on a low carbon steel over the time of exposure for up to 28 days in a marine environment which is in my campus. However, the carbon steel used will be heat treated and water quenching to enhance their strength before the exposure, in which the earlier scope of my project was proposed study on High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLA), but due to some problems such as the price of the material, so I was forced to change my material to carbon steel which is cheaper and easier available in lab. Although the topic seem very simple and easy, but many things are needed to be done. First is the exposure rack, then is the sample preparation include heat treatment, cleaning and so on. Next, i need to starts an analysis of the specimens before exposure. After that, the specimens will exposure to the atmosphere, then after exposure, i need to do the cleaning again and analysis on the corrosion rate and their micro structure. And lastly, i need to come out with a good report.

At the moment, the progress seem OK, at least others are thinking my progress are on the track. However, i just felt what i had done was just so incomplete. And i was in tension of this unsettled things from the mid of the semester until now. Although I’m not used to doing thing with a proper planning or schedule, because I’m quite a spontaneous guy :P. But when come to this serious thing (at least for me), it just make me crazy and mad of “don’t know what to do”. NO planning, have no ideas how to get there. And I’m having some little interaction problem with my supervisor, but she is a quite easy going and nice person. I tired to be friend with her as what others did, but I’m very sorry, because i failed. But I very appreciate her for all the guidance and suggestion, though i know i look like a freak for every supervision time. Ha.Ha.

Anyway, I do really treat this project as a very serious things since the first day I start my degree. But now, don’t know, I’m not sure how it will be, I will try to enjoy the moment i carry out all this things, and learn somethings beside of the project related knowledge. Now is already week 12, and my first project presentation will on the week 15 or may be week 14. All the things I want to settle is, get may specimens, and fabrication of the exposure rack and also my presentation preparation. And the most important things is RELAX (though i hate people ask me to “relax, mong !” grrrr~~~)