Resignation 2.0

Resigned from my position in my current company last two week. That’s isn’t something surprise as what my manager said. Perhaps, this is just in the plan of mine from the first day i join.

This is my second company i worked for after my university. I’m very sure this would definitely not something good when it appear that i’ve work for two different company within 3 years. No loyalty, no patient, no capable. All these negative thought were overwhelmed in the last two week. But there’s one thing i very clear about. I don’t like my job, I dont like the culture, i dont like long working hours for nothing, i dont like life is not balance. I just want to stop and quit regardless how good the career path and prospect the company could provide. May be you will say my decision is not mature, the decision just show you are not capable. So ? searching something i like to do or i comfortable with is something i have to guilt with?

Work Life Balance. This is what i totally lost once i start with the company. 11 hours per day, 6 days per week. I thought it was not a big deal, but unfortunately this is something very big that may affect your life. Finding excuses to quit to comfort myself. But im very sure this is something i want to do. i want to quit and get back my life, a balance life. Im keen to learn, but not in this way.

However, i had made my decision, nothing will be changed. Look forward is the only way i could go. Live my life.


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