3 reasons to travel while you’re young by Jeff

Yesterday, the economy airline, Air Asia started their 10cent promotion, everyone were checking the cheap flight for their travel. I asked few of my friends to check out the flight to Taiwan, before July. Unfortunately, the travel period of this promotion starts from 1st of July.

One of my friend will go Maynmar on July next year, he asked to check the air ticket and join them for the trip. But, I told him I may join the summer program of Working and Holiday,so can’t confirm the schedule on that time yet. When I first knew this kind of program such as working holidays in NZ during my secondary school time, it was became one of my dream, or one of the task I must accomplish in my life. The plan also includes to start a few months backpacking to Europe after the program. And i always says, must done before 30. However, when the thing comes nearer, you will start to doubt is this worth to do it? Then plenty of consideration and excuses will come out to against the dream. And i believe this is normal, because I responsible to my life. Ok, back to the conversation with my friend. I told him,I’m still not sure to join the program or not, still thinking. I just have no confident to tell others that” Yes, i definitely will go to the program”.

Later just now, my friend share me a blog titled ” 3 reason to travel while you’re young”. I read it twice. And what the writer said were so true. At least i know they were true. But some kind of weird feeling appeared. I afraid. I afraid to admit what i actually want to do. I afraid to tell other what i actually want to. I afraid fail to do it. I afraid regret if I missed it. I just cant stop the feeling.

Then, I reply to my friend, i said, travel with full abandon isn’t that easy. I just trying to make excuse for myself again. My friend then reply me that just do what easy for you. After i read his reply, somethings flashed in my mind, because I know how scary of plain. Only either peak or valley will make life colorful.

Here you are the blog of 3 reasons to travel while you’re young by Jeff, http://goinswriter.com/travel-young/


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