Week 14

when I get into university hostel’s life since my 1st year degree, i can’t get used to it until now. Don’t have any privacy for even one minute. Stay with 4 people, 8 people and 5 people isn’t that easy as what u can think.

Third year of degree is my hardest time in university. Neither the final year project matter nor internship, but my result drop drastically. I can’t concentrate in my study as what I thought I can do it in any situation or environment. But, when the things come, I failed to do it.

Feel like wanna back home as soon as posible, escape from this hell. I’m feeling empty and lost. But I don’t know what is lacking of and where I was lost in. Sometime I do really think to stop my degree course and escape from everthing here, but dont think its worth because of this stupid environment. And somemore I don’t have gut to do this! Just wish to graduate safely with high honor of result. Bless me pls.


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